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Cargo G26


g13-Cargo G26

  • 15″
    • 205/65R15 102/100R C
    • 195/70R15 104R C
  • 15″
    • 225/70R15 112/110R C

Product Description

Goodyear Cargo G26

When it comes to hauling heavy loads, this versatile tire has what it takes.

Excellent wet and dry traction
Enhanced handling, even with heavy loads
Reduced road noise
How it’s done: The Cargo G26 features deep tread grooves that quickly channel water away for improved grip on rain-soaked roads. The rib-and-block tread design maximizes road contact, boosting stability and promoting even treadwear. This tough tire evenly spreads its load, while solid shoulder blocks improve control and cornering. For the final touch, the blade design reduces road noise, delivering a quiet, comfortable ride for your light truck or van.


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