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Eagle F1 Asymetric 2


g15-Eagle F1 Asymetric 2

  • 20″
    • 235/35ZR20 88(Y)
    • 265/35ZR20 95Y
  • 19″
    • 275/30R19 96Y XL
    • 255/35R19 96Y XL
    • 285/35R19 99Y
    • 285/35ZR19 103Y XL
    • 295/35ZR19 100Y
    • 235/40ZR19 92Y
    • 225/35R19 88Y XL
    • 265/40ZR19 98Y
    • 235/35R19 91Y XL
    • 255/30R19 91Y XL
    • 245/35R19 93Y XL
    • 255/40R19 100Y XL
  • 18″
    • 225/40R18 92Y XL
    • 245/40R18 93Y
    • 245/35R18 88Y SL
  • 18″
    • 245/40R18 97Y XL
    • 255/35R18 94Y XL
    • 235/45ZR18 94Y
    • 235/50R18 101W XL
    • 265/45ZR18 101Y
    • 235/40R18 95Y XL
    • 265/35R18 97Y XL
    • 265/30R18 93Y XL
    • 245/35R18 92Y XL
    • 235/45R18 98Y XL
    • 255/45R18 103Y XL
  • 17″
    • 225/45R17 94Y XL
    • 225/45R17 91Y
    • 235/45R17 97Y XL
    • 245/40R17 91Y SL
    • 215/45R17 91Y XL
    • 235/45R17 94Y SL

Product Description

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2

This summer tire delivers powerful grip for ultra-high performance driving.

  • Excellent wet and dry traction
  • Enhanced braking power
  • Reduced road noise

How it’s done: The Eagle® F1 Asymmetric 2™ features a tread compound made of motorsport resin for outstanding grip, while active braking technology increases stopping power, even on rain-soaked roads. The asymmetric tread design includes a wide outboard shoulder for traction in tight corners, while inboard ribs increase stability at high speeds. The tire’s lightweight construction boosts overall steering and handling response, while the advanced tread block pattern lowers road noise, providing a more comfortable driving experience.


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