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Latitude Diamaris


m12-Latitude Diamaris

  • 20″
    • 315/35R20 106W
    • 275/40R20 102W
  • 19″
    • 285/45R19 107V
  • 19″
    • 255/50VR19 103V
  • 17″
    • 235/65R17 104W

Product Description

Latitude Diamaris

Designed for luxury SUVs and Crossovers, the Latitude Diamaris puts the “sport” in sporty summer tire.

  • Responsive handling, even at high speeds
  • Excellent wet and dry traction
  • Crisp cornering

How it’s done:Derived from Michelin’s ultra-high performance sports car tires, the tread compounds in the Latitude Diamaris provide outstanding grip on wet and dry surfaces. Two wide circumferential and multiple lateral grooves channel away water to help resist hydroplaning, while a continuous center rib delivers enhanced steering and stability. Twin steel belts reinforce the tire’s internal structure, while Banded at Zero Technology™ spirally bands nylon strips atop the steel belts at zero degrees for high-speed handling and durability.


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