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Ventus S1 Evo


h12-Ventus S1 Evo

  • 18″
    • 245/40RF18 93W
    • 225/40RF18 88W
  • 17″
    • 205/50RF17 89W
    • 225/50RF17 94W
  • 17″
    • 225/45RF17 91W
    • 205/45RF17 84V
    • 245/45RF17 95W

Product Description

Ventus S1 Evo

Enjoy better handling, reduced fuel costs, and a quiet, more comfortable ride with these high-performance tires from Hankook®.

  • Strong, long-lasting tread
  • Wet- and dry traction, year-round
  • Reduced rolling friction

How it’s done:The Ventus S1 Evo enhances your performance in wet conditions with an advanced tread pattern that minimizes hydroplaning risk and boosts stability, even on rain-drenched roads. Optimized for long-lasting durability, this all-season tire features a built-in rim protector to minimize curb damage. Plus, high-tensile steel belts reduce rolling resistance and increase fuel efficiency, giving you a better-quality ride for a better value.


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